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Our Story

It all began with a small group of people who saw the potential in Liberia and wanted to contribute to the growth of their country.

When the team that started Liberia Pure Honey first met, they decided that job creation was the best thing they could do for Liberia. They began thinking about what kind of businesses would target people who really needed an additional source of income. They also wanted to start a business with a long supply chain that would touch as many people as possible. Ideas were exchanged, options explored and markets were studied. In the end, honey production sat at the top of the list.

The team wanted to better understand the challenges that faced honey producers in Liberia, so they spoke with the small group of active Liberians beekeepers. It quickly became apparent that access to a market was a key challenge to the success of the industry.  Store shelves sat filled with imported honey, yet no local brand existed. So, the group decided to take action and move towards the development of a local brand of quality honey that could compete with any import.

That was six years ago, and now

Liberia Pure Honey

is the premium honey

packer in Liberia.

Instead of being a business that looks only at the financial bottom line, Liberia Pure is structured as a social enterprise. This means that the company considers environmental, social and financial impacts of its actions.


The profits from Liberia Pure Honey are invested in the development of the honey industry as a whole. Liberia Pure Honey knows that they can't build an industry alone, so they created a strong culture around education and providing support to local beekeepers.

The next

question was:

What else can we do to help build Liberia?

When the owners of Liberia Pure Honey began to see

the positive impacts on Liberia...

After looking for niche markets, meeting with farmers, and considering regions in need of jobs, coconut oil made its way to the top of the list of ideas. In response to this discovery, another social enterprise was created with the potential for positive development and job creation. Not to mention, it focussed on a sector that was underserviced, and it would enhance the income of coconut growers. 

The joy customers received from the pure, sweet, delicious LOCAL honey provided inspiration to new ideas. As they pondered what to try next, pencils went dull crunching numbers. The team considered the best way to extend the positive impact of Liberia Pure through a new project.

Liberia Pure Coconut Oil pressed its first batch of fragrant, unrefined, fresh coconut oil in February 2017 and the product is now available on grocery store shelves and markets throughout Liberia.

Meet the people who make the magic happen at Liberia Pure Honey.

It doesn't take plenty of people to make good things happen. The team at Liberia Pure Honey has dedicated the past six years to make your life a little bit sweeter.

Meet Us!

Meet Everyone!

Cecil Wilson

Owner and Management

Stanley Luogon

Processing and Deliveries

Gladys Freeman

Owner, Management, Sales

Honey Harvest Support Team

Bryant Saywah

Production Manager, Sales

Coconut Oil Processing Team

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